Fishing Calves White Nile Nile price of fish per month income equivalent to calf

Fishing way we exist in Syria and call it Jarovh ... but with some modifications would advise those brothers use. 1. must be issued network from the center in the form of a deep bag of Shabak highlights from the network back about six meters, Qatar opened about five meters and be network Mtinh2- that one of whom shall Petkbas lead rope with his foot while dragging so as not to be able to fish out of the bottom. . 3. use of a bag or sturdy cloth width 40 cm damage on the waist and have her side rope length of 50 cm and in the blink of knots and increasing the contract in the long network rope and then wrapped the cloth on the waist damage convened to hold drag rope, drawing on a way to walk back an easy and convenient way, and living on God .